Cheap Tree Removal: Get Trees Cut Without Much Expense

At times a painfully expensive procedure, tree removal may need to be done for either aesthetic or safety reasons.

No matter why you want your trees cut down, it is worth your money and time to do all the research regarding your options that you can first. Cutting the treeWith a bit of work on your part, you’ll be able to find ways for cheap tree removal without have to sacrifice proper removal or your safety. Remember that if you are cutting or clearing hunting land, it is a good idea to talk to an expert on game management. Also think about keeping trees that could be used for putting a stationary or portable hunting stand on. This would be a tall, sturdy tree that does not have many limbs at the bottom.

Investigate Different Companies

Talk with at least three different companies and get quotes from each. They can vary widely since they are subjective, so it is well worth your while to get several different opinions. You should also evaluate how honest the company is. Are they trying to push the sale or are they pressuring you to cut down additional trees? You need to find a company that will give you honest opinions on the best way to take care of your trees.

Cutting Trees Yourself

Grab yourself a quality manual pole saw for sale or chain saw and remove those trees yourself. Just watch a Youtube video of how to do it, and make sure you wear proper safety gear and be very careful because one mistake and it won’t be pretty! If you are cutting limbs then a good top rated pole saw attachment might work out for you better.

Getting Discounts

Talk with your neighbors and see if they need any trees down in their yard as well. If they do, another way of cheap tree removal is getting group discounts. You can ask the company if it will give a discount to everyone who is interested to take down several trees.
If you have enough trees that have to come down, you may contact a logging company to see if they will charge you less money. Many times they will do so because they will be selling the trees for the lumber.

Another way to save money may be to take out the cost of the debris removal. Most times the cutting down of trees includes this in the price, so you can ask the company if they will charge less if they can leave the debris behind for you to clean up yourself. You can do so by raking it up, burning it and chipping it.

Also, if you have a big enough area of trees to take down, you can get in contact with a local person who sells firewood. They just might be willing to take your trees down if they will be able to take the trees to sell as firewood.

Additional Tips

Another way to go about cheap tree removal is to consider the type of trees you have. Hardwoods such as maples and oaks sell for a higher price than soft woods such as pine, so this could also be an incentive for a company to come and do the job for a bit less.
If you live nearby another county or state, you could also try calling to see if a company will travel to your area. If you have a big enough job, there are many companies who will be willing to travel.

Before going with any company, ask them all about their liability coverage. You then should call the insurer to make certain that the company’s coverage is up to date. Although you want to find cheap tree removal, you do not want to hinder the safety of anyone. Also, never try to cut down the trees yourself unless you are professionally trained. Felling trees is a learned art, and trees can be quite unpredictable, so you can easily get hurt.