How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet for Great Tasting Food

The cast iron skillet was originally a standard piece of cookware, though overtime companies have switch to more cost effective materials in an effort to limit production cost. A result of this cost saving trend, is that many consumers today no longer use or know how to use a cast iron skillet. This is tragic, food cooked in cast iron has better consistency and flavor, fortunately it’s simple to learn how to use a cast iron skillet and switch out the current cookware in the kitchen. One of my favorite websites to check out before purchasing a new skillet is Best Cast Iron Skillet Reviews because it has some good reviews about Amazon products.

How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet

Preparing a Cast Iron Skillet for the First Time

Before you pull out your new cast iron skillet to cook up your favorite recipe, you’ll want to properly season it. This is an easy process and will remove manufacturing residue while also creating a natural nonstick surface. To start the seasoning process simply wash the cast iron with a mild dish detergent and warm water. Once clean you should dry off any excess water and apply a thin layer of peanut or olive oil all around the surface area and then simply bake the oil at 350 degrees for approximately one hour. If you are in the market for a couple of pieces, look into the 10 and 12 inch skillet twin pack from Circulon Symmetry. It is two quality skillets for under $60.

Cooking with Cast Iron

Learning how to use a cast iron skillet to cook delicious meals is simple and rewarding. A cast iron skillet can be used to cook virtually anything. The one thing to keep in mind is that it will take a little longer to heat, therefore you should plan on spending a few extra moments heating your skillet over low heat. Once heated you can adjust your cooking temperature to the desired level appropriate for your recipe.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

There are three individual ways to clean a cast iron skillet and each choice provides a different cleaning purpose. Simple daily use cleaning can be performed by using warm water and a clean rag, once cast iron is cleaned you can remove excess water by heating the skillet on the stove top. If you have made something that has clung to the inside of your cast iron, you can simply remove food particles by scrubbing a teaspoon or two of kosher salt into the pan, make sure that you remove all salt granules out with a paper towel. The final cleaning option for cast iron skillets should only be used in extreme conditions that won’t allow regular cleaning practices. To completely clean and strip the cast iron, simply wash with warm water, detergent and a dish scrubber. This will remove any stubborn baked on foods, however you’ll need to once again season the skillet as if it were brand new.

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